time: 11.11.2011. - 12.11.2011.
place: Čakovec, Croatia
This year's Slobodni festival 5 and festival EEII'11 have elaborated a concept Mobile Art Lab (MAL ). Developement of the work on MAL is the ACTFEST, 11th and 12 th November, that investigates the practice and functions of MAL: performing arts, screening, interior design, interaction and training in self-organized, free and fair art practices.

Self-organized festival means that the work, performing arts, design, music, equipment, etc. are organized by the visitors. All the organizers and participants are at the same time the artists and technicians, drivers and PR staff… This provides a democratic environment, horizontall management and decision making, non-hierarchical set of the festival.

The entire program will take place in a space the size of the container 8 x 2.5 x 3 m (l x w x h). The space will be arranged for each program you apply, collaboratively and with help of all (living art performance). this way we will also test MAL: is this enough space for activities and how to arrange them it? Whether such a space can be used for activities that you imagined? Is it possible in a short space of time to transform / adapt to a different function? What we learn in practice will be used in the design of Mobile art lab in the coming months.

ACTFEST 2011 is part of transdisciplinarity and new media culture in the development of cross-border area (NEW MEDIA CROSS-BORDER) under IPA Operational Programme Slovenia-Croatia 2007 - 2013.

(D.H., 25.10.2011)