Oblo puzzle spheres at Ljubljana Design Expo

time: 13.10.2011. - 13.11.2011.
place: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Croatian product designer Marko Pavlovic partakes at the Month of Design, which is taking place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 13th October till 13th November. Marko Pavlovic will present his Oblo puzzle spheres, produces by Ku ku tre company from Zagreb.

Oblo is the award-winning 3D spherical puzzle that challenges and inspires kids of all ages. Oblo is also an engaging, didactic puzzle ideal for growing minds. It’s a colorful layer of spheres that creates a compelling 3D puzzle.

The initial discovery of its parts happens when the puzzle is taken apart. The challenge is putting the spherical elements back together.

The Design Expo will be showcasing its content in the spaces of the Slovenijales complex on Dunajska street in the centre of Ljubljana. With the intertwining stories of the Month of Design, we will transform it into a centre of creativity and business opportunities. It will become a unique junction of professions unlike any other in the region. Coming alive with exhibitions, lectures, presentations and events, but also a place of spontaneous informal interactions and random encounters, it will become a space to spawn new unusual collaborations.


(I.P., 13.10.2011)