C8H11NO2 to be premiered in Paris

time: 29.09.2011. - 30.09.2011.
place: Paris, France
Contemporary circus performance C8H11NO2 by Spplit based company Room 100 will be premiered on 29th and 30th September at the Festival 'ZOOM sur Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe' in Academy Fratellini, Paris.

Room 100 is the laureate of Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe 2009 – 2010, supporting operation for young circus creators, co-organised by Mala performerska scena, with the support of the EU Culture programme.

The coded title of the performance presents the chemical formula for dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain that goes wild when a person enters into a psychotic state of mind. Thematically, the performance focuses on the psychotic state of schizophrenia and its impact on individuals. Through experimental working process, Room 100 has produced an expressionistic and hybrid creation that combines contortion, butoh, breakdance, electronic music and video documenting.

The audience is lead into the performance by an intimate confession of the director’s brother suffering from schizophrenia, followed by a physical reaction of the director-performer. Live human bodies become main material for modelling and creating forms, kinetic sculptures. “C8H11NO2” sees them as incubators for development of the schizophrenic disease that devastates, deforms, distorts and tears them apart to a complete loss of identity.

The project “C8H11NO2” was mentored by Angela Laurier, the Canadian contortionist known for her confessional performances in which she bears mental disease present in her own family. Croatian audiences had the opportunity to learn about this artist’s work at the 4th Festival novog cirkusa (2008) where she performed the international premiere of “Déversoir” (“Overflow”). In the same year, “F 20.0” was also premiered, the first in the series of autoreferential performances from this young Split company focused on mental disease. In the meantime, the company changed its name – the former Positive Force decided to turn a new page at the final selection of the European project Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe in Velika Gorica, co-organized by Mala performerska scena as the Croatian partner. By becoming one of the most successful laureates in the history of JTCE, they decided to name themselves after the number of the hotel room they were staying in during those days.

(Source: Mala performerska scena)

(D.H., 29.09.2011)