Books for exhibitions in Leipzig and Frankfurt Book Fairs

place: Germany
organiser: NSK
Books that will represent Croatia on the exhibitions Book Art International (October, Book Fair Frankfurt) and Best Designed Books All Over The World (Match, 2012, Leipzig Book Fair) have been selected by a panel of judges, organized by the National Library in Zagreb.

These exhibitions aim to present the accomplishments of art editors, designers and publishers.

The exhibitions serve to present the annual book production from over 35 countries from around the world, classed in the following categories: fiction, science, art monographs and photomonographs, children's books and books for youth, school books, bibliophile and reprinted editions, and catalogues.

Croatia will be represented with 17 books, which were selected among 81 titled in the contest, by Ex Libris  Zagreb & Synopsis Sarajevo, Museum of Arts and Crafts, AGM & Croatian Radio and TV, Matrix Croatica, Institute for Ethnology and Folklore, Croatian Ethnology Society and Scarabeus Publisher.  

After showcases all books will be donated to the German Book and Type Museum, part of the German National Library.

(D.H., 22.09.2011)