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Publication Exit Europe - New Geographies of Culture now available online

place: EU
organiser: Exit Europe
Exit Europe - New Geographies of Culture is a book which sets activities of the independent cultural scene in the region of former Yugoslavia within the broader cultural and social context. Inside you can find reviews of the independent cultural scenes in 5 different countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia) as well as a broad overview of the development of regional cultural cooperation among independent organizations.

The publication also contains a series of recommendations for the introduction of specific measures of cultural policy aimed at various institutions starting from the local cultural administration to the European Union.

This book is a result of a two year long process called Exit Europe during which we worked closely with many partners to connect independent cultural organizations from the region with those that operate within the European Union. 18 people from different countries participated directly in creation of this book, as well as number of organizations and individuals who actively supported the development of cooperation between independent cultural organizations in the region trough participation in the Exit Europe process.

This publication can be read online and downloaded in pdf format at the following link:

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