25 FPS

time: 20.09.2011. - 25.09.2011.
place: SC Cinema, Zagreb
organiser: Association for Audio-visual Research 25 FPS
25 FPS - International Experimental Film and Video Festival takes place from 20th to 25th September in Zagreb. The festival offers the latest production in the field of experimental film and video, as well as respectful classics. The festival combines celluloid and new media approaches to the medium of experimental film.
25 FPS promotes works that aim to use every conceptual, technological and production possibility of film and video, works that relate to the tradition of experimental and avant-garde film making in an innovative way, works that reveal new forms of the moving image.

25 fps denotes the number of full video frames per second as used in the European PAL video system, in contrast to film's 24 or NTSC video system's 30 frames per second.

Festival 25 FPS is organized by Association for Audio-visual Research 25 FPS. The festival is supported by the Office of Culture City of Zagreb, Croatian Audiovisual Centre , Ministry of Culture Republic of Croatia and Student Centre University of Zagreb.

Festival takes place at Student's Centre in Zagreb, Savska 25.

See more detailed programme: http://25fps.hr/

(D.H., 02.09.2011)