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Curator Zelimir Koscevic – Jury member in Moscow

place: Moscow, Russia
organiser: International Portfolio Review
Curator Zelimir Koscevic, program adviser for the Gallery Lang in the city of Samobor, Croatia will be a jury member at the international competition organized by the International Portfolio Review among forty photography experts from around world.

The competition is set to take place from 24th August to 3th September with works from more than 150 photographers.

Želimir Koščević is presently freelance curator and expert in national and international contemporary art and photography. In 1964 graduated Art History and Ethnology, at University of Zagreb. He has been curator at the Museum of Applied Art, Zagreb, director of Student Centre Art Gallery, Zagreb and for many years chief curator at Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb.

Part-time professor of Museology at The Dept. of Art History, University of Zagreb (1975−1980 and 1989−1997). From 1992 to 1996, editor of 20th Century Art in the Lexicographic Institute, Zagreb. Through 1993−1994, advisor of 22nd Sao Paulo Biennale, Brasil.

Mr. Koščević has no specific preferences for certain types and genres of work, he is interested in seeing young and new emerging photographers, all categories of works, analog and digital, photomanipulation etc. Mr. Koščević is less inclined to see multi-media (mix of photo and video, or installations) and commercial work.

As art-historian with long professional experience in visual art and theory of visual culture he is able to advice photographers mostly on aesthetics of seeing, capturing the reality and transform the reality into art.

Besides, as organizer of many exhibitions in the country and abroad, he can suggest to the photographers how to select the works, how to contact the museums, special places for photography and galleries, residence programs etc. Last not least, as program adviser in Foto Galerija Lang, he could invite one or two photographers to have the exhibition in our venue within the exhibition program for 2012/2013.


(D.H., 24.08.2011)