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Split - 20th century architecture (a guidebook)

time: 25.07.2011.
organiser: University of Split, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture
This Guide gives a concise survey of the 20th century architecture of the City of Split. Similar editions have been recently published for a number of European cities, indicating not only an increased public interest in modern architecture, but a recognized need for its protection and restoration.

The central place in the Guide is occupied by the Catalogue in which a hundred buildings constructed in Split between 1901 and 2000 have been presented; the buildings which, in the opinion of the editors, in the best way represent the centenary of modern architecture in Split. The list of the buildings has been drawn from a significantly longer one, covering over 300 buildings considered within the framework of the scientific project entitled The 20th Century Split Architecture, which, under the auspices and with the support of the Ministry of Science, Education, and Sports of the Republic of Croatia, is being currently realised at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Split. (From the "Introduction")

Editor-in-chief: Darovan Tušek

(D.H.F., 25.07.2011)