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A Librarian’s Guide on How to Publish

time: 21.07.2011.
A Librarian’s Guide on How to Publish discusses the publishing strategies needed for the development of skills that are essential for successful job requirements and the production of quality print and electronic publications. The book was written by Srecko Jelusic and Ivanka Stricevic, University of Zadar, Croatia. 

This book serves as a useful guide indicating the main principles of professional library publishing activities in both print and virtual environments. A number of library activities are, in fact, publishing, and requires librarians to have the knowledge and skills in order to manage it. With the wide use of web sites, these competencies are becoming indispensable. Whether it is publishing catalogues of their collections, selected bibliographies, exhibition catalogues, or journals. The Internet has transformed libraries’ web pages into real publishing projects. 

Readership: Staff at managerial levels within library and information professional and teaching institutions, and LIS students at graduate and postgraduate levels, as well as participants of wide range of professional workshops.

About the authors

Srecko Jelusic is currently vice rector in charge of international relations, publishing and the library at the University of Zadar, Croatia. He is an expert in research methods, information society issues, publishing and bookselling processes and the sociology of a book. Previously he managed the University library in Rijeka and worked as independent publisher. He has been editing books and magazines for many years.
Ivanka Stricevic is assistant professor at the University of Zadar, Croatia, The LIS Department. She is an expert in information systems in education, literacies in the digital age and the library users' needs. Before teaching at the University she worked as the manager of library services for youth in public libraries. She has wide expertise in editing professional books and journals and managing national and international LIS associations and projects.

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