Zagreb: 45th International Folklore Festival

time: 20.07.2011. - 24.07.2011.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: Zagreb Concert Management
The 45th edition of the International Folklore Festival will be held in Zagreb from July 20 – 24, 2011. The Festival’s central program will feature folklore groups of emigrant Croats from other continents and Croats from European countries presenting the various ways in which they safeguard and present music and dance heritage.
Special focus will be put on the contacts between different peoples and cultures, their mutual influences and specific forms resulting from the new environment, the interaction between the immigrant and native cultures as well as the cultures of other immigrant groups. The Festival will also include folklore groups both from Croatia and from other countries.

Side events (i.e. exhibitions, music and dance workshops, folk church music and world music concerts, traditional handicrafts and souvenirs fair) will accompany the main event taking place on Festival stages.
(Sourse: International Folklore Festival)

(D.H.F., 18.07.2011)