Touch Me Festival 2011: Energy Ab/Use

time: 29.06.2011. - 03.07.2011.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: Kontejner
Touch Me Festival 2011: Energy Ab/Use is the third edition of the international, interdisciplinary triennial event initiated in 2005 and dedicated to an artistic and critical questioning of the roles of technology, science and art in society.

The topic of the 2011 edition integrates the issues of various concepts, the use, abuse and transformation of energy. Dealing with the materiality and power of energy through different modes and forms, in addition to its focus on the arts, the festival strives to open new perspectives on the importance and meaning of energy from social, economic, ecological and political standpoints. All segments of the festival are constructed in such a way as to encourage new ideas, shifts, imaginative ways of dealing, thinking and working with the issues raised by energy.

From 29 June - 3 July 2011 at Pogon Jedinstvo, Mochvara Club and Zagreb Dance Centre visit THE international exhibition, performances, workshop, conference and enjoy freegan treats!

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(Source: Kontejner)

(D.H., 21.06.2011)