Festival CAMP

time: 06.06.2011. - 12.06.2011.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: Kontejner
The eighth edition of temporary interactive-research laboratory of CAMP Festival will take place in Zagreb, Croatia and present internationally renowned artists dealing with music, sound, video, installations, light and new media.

The festival is envisaged as an innovative platform for progressive art research, dedicated to new forms of audio-visual and performance art as well as the theoretical development of related themes and concepts. Each festival edition takes place at a different location with new participating artists. The collaboration with new artists, alongside the challenges of new spaces and the associated design criteria creates enormous creative potential and fosters the exchange of ideas.

The goal of the festival is the development of new forms of artistic presentation in the context of recent and future explorations of sound and light. The priority is to establish an intensive international exchange and collaboration between artists of different personal and artistic backgrounds. The artists' work produced over a period of several days is documented and analysed during and after the festival. The extensive amount of materials, including texts, photographs, video documentation, rehearsals and performances, is made available to the project partners and all interested external parties.

The first part of the festival focuses on the free exchange of ideas and creative collaborations. During the workshops and lectures the artists improvise, discuss and experiment with new approaches to music and various visual effects, and moreover, various topics and aspects are presented and developed in accompanying lectures and workshops. The weekend brings the opportunity to enjoy the results of creative work: the results are showcased to the public in concerts and performances of progressive and electronic music accompanied by light and audio-visual installations and screenings scheduled in the evening hours at Pogon Jedinstvo. The performances are followed by a Saturday night after party with DJ and VJ shows after midnight at Mochvara Club.

Participants: Antun Božičević (HR), Fried Dähn (DE), Axel Hanfreich (DE), Max Hattler (DE), Ana Hušman (HR), Damir Bartol Indoš (HR), Jörg Kallinich (DE), Mark Lorenz Kysela (DE), Ivan Marušić Klif (HR), Thomas Maos (DE), Martina Mezak (HR), Phillipp Rahlenbeck (DE), Davor Sanvincenti (HR), Kurt Laurenz Theinert (DE).

Prof Fried Dähn and Thomas Maos founded CAMP Festival in 1999. Since 2003 the festival is organised and coordinated by the CAMP e.V. organisation (Thomas Maos, Fried Dähn, Stefan Hartmaier, Martin Mangold). This year's festival is realised in cooperation with CAMP e.V. Kirchentellinsfurt; organisation KONTEJNER | bureau of contemporary art praxis; Culture Development Association (URK) and Club Mochvara.

(Source: Kontejner)

(D.H., 02.06.2011)