Vedran Silipetar exhibits in Serbia and Italy

time: 27.04.2011. - 12.06.2011.
place: Serbia, Italy
Sculptor from Pula, Vedran Silipetar will present his artworks on two exhibitions. The first exhibition will be on view from 27th April to 9th May in Belgrade as a part of the International Biennale  , whilst the second exhibition ´Scultura 2, Corpo Conterporanea e Materia Futura´ takes place from 16th May to 12th of June in Arzignan (Italy). 

Vedran Silipetar thematizes the goat in his artworks.

The goat was in a very unflattering position throughout the history of art. In ancient Greece the goat was a prototype of a fool, a tragic figure (τράγος), which lent its name to the genre of tragedy (τραγῳδία), a dramatic play in which the ideas of the main character prove to be unattainable. Several plays pertaining to the aforementioned form of drama became known as the „Goat’s song“.

Within the iconography of the Western Christian world, the goat was associated with the image of Satan. The historical and presentational heritage of the goat, or “prč”, remained negative.

(D.H., 21.04.2011)