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Culture Minister Mesic chairman of the UNESCO Convention

place: Paris, France
organiser: UNESCO
Minister of Culture of the Republic Croatia, Jasen Mesic has been elected for the second time as the chairman of the UNESCO Convention for the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage.

Jasen Mesic has been appointed Minister of Culture of the Republic of Croatia in 2010. He participated on behalf of his country’s delegation at the four expert meetings devising the 2001 Convention.

An archaeologist with an international background and member of the ICOMOS/ICUCH, since the 1990s, Jasen Mesic has been actively engaged in the protection of underwater cultural heritage along the Adriatic coast of Croatia.

With his support, the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology was founded in Zagreb in 2007, benefitting European countries and the Mediterranean region. He is a member of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Body of the 2001 Convention.

(D.H., 18.04.2011)