Vlado Martek's Language in Freedom in Trieste

time: 16.04.2011. - 18.06.2011.
place: Trieste, Italy
Conceptual artist Vlado Martek presents his artworks created in last 30 years of his career at the exhibition titled Language in Freedom in Trieste Contemporanea. The exhibition opens on 16th of April and stays on view till 18th of June. 

Curators Dubravka Cherubini and Janka Vukmir
Contributions of  Dubravka Đuric, Darko Šimicic
Performance-guided tour of the exhibition by Vlado Martek

Vlado Martek (1951) is a Croatian artist and poet. Parallel to his artistic career, he works a lifelong time in a library. He has studied philosophy and literature at Faculty of Philosophy at Zagreb University.

Both of the subjects are deeply present in his visual art, but he has entered the art world by writing poetry. In mid seventies Martek has joined a neo-conceptual Group of Six Artists, which was active until mid eighties. The group was the first to exit exhibition spaces and went to work in the streets, mostly in the form of actions, exhibitions-actions, and were interactive with the audience.
Communication with the audience remained ever since an element of Martek’s work.
He has used poetry for writing but he started doing “poetic objects”, writing mixed with other objects and composed into a visual art. He remained a trans-medial artist during the whole of his career. He works in variety of media simultaneously, crossing from visual arts to poetry, from photography to writings, from actions and performances to drawings, or installations. He is in a constant flux, and he is Fluxus influenced, he leans on art from Duchampian provenance, concrete poetry and historical Avant-Gardes.

He has an obvious book interest and has published numerous artists’ books and samizdats, considering them a form of social activism.

As a poet active in this artistic formation, he developed the concept of ‘pre-poet’ and ‘pre-poetry.
He never abandoned his philosophical background and many works relate to philosophy or relevant philosophical figures of European 20th century.
Works in this exhibition cover the time span of almost 30 years, the oldest being created in early 80ies and the last just recently in 2011. They are presented in groups mixed no matter of when they were created or in which media they are made in, but in thematic groups, presenting the liberty of usage of language, showing how his interests have a continuum and consistency.

A Trieste Contemporanea and Studio Tommaseo production | in the framework of the Words Room project conceived for the Continental Breakfast international network | under the patronage of the General Consulat of the Republic of Croatia in Trieste | with the collaboration of  the Institute for Contemporary Art Zagreb | sponsored by the Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia | with the participation of Casa dell’Arte Trieste and Media Digital Business Srl.

(D.H., 15.04.2011)