Shadow Casters in Pristina and Sarajevo

time: 15.04.2011. - 21.04.2011.
place: Pristina (Kosovo), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Shadow Casters will partake in the programme of the international platform ‘Containers of Freedom’ which is set to take place between 15th and 17th of April. Shadow Casters will produce, as a result of their research, a performance art ´Kosovo is talented – It is not a joke!´.

After Kosovo, they will premiere of their latest artworks 'Men' and 'Women'within of the wider project'Male / Female -  Female / Male' in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Dates: 18th, 19th, 20th and 21th April.

SHADOW CASTERS is a non-profit international artistic and production platform dedicated to interdisciplinary collaboration, creation and reflection within the field of intermedia arts, especially in the domain of its implementation in urban spaces.

 Its seat is in Zagreb. SC stimulate intercultural dialogue through creating projects platforms for active cultural exchange between Croatian and international artists and professionals, at once questioning the existing concepts of individual and collective identity.

Through its activities, SC encourages the debate on the nature and contradictions of the on-going globalization process, dealing with those social, political and cultural issues that reveal the “blind spots” and “hot potatoes” of a certain society.

(D.H., 15.04.2011)