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Ivan Picelj passed away

time: 22.02.2011.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
Legendary and internationally renowned contemporary artist, one of the founders of EXAT-51 group,  Ivan Picelj passed away on Tuesday in Zagreb.

Ivan Picelj was born in 1924. in Okucani. He has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (1943rd-1946th). He is one of the founders of EXAT-51 (1951) and the Studio of Industrial Design (SIO) in 1956. Picelj organized the first exhibition of industrial design in Zagreb in 1955.

He developed a specific, apersonal direction of geometric abstraction in the Croatian art. His aesthetics has its origin in the general principles of constructivism. He was involved in the development and expansion of the international movement New Tendencies (1961 -1967) within which he has created a series of programmed works exploring visual perception, mathematical rhythms and movements of particles (programmed case of 8-1 cm, 1966).

Multiplication of the basic plastic unit within the regular raster surface is one of his basic procedures. Since 1957 he has exhibited sculptures, reliefs in wood and objects in metal. His graphic design (posters, books and equipment), during mid-sixties has significantly enhanced the visual culture of graphic design. Picelj has designed pavilions for Yugoslav exhibitions at home and abroad. (See the book EXAT-51 pp. 224).

His first solo exhibition was organized in 1952and since then has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions around the world. Picelj has intensively worked with Denis Rene Gallery in Paris. For his work he was awarded several times at home and abroad. Lives and works in Zagreb. (Ivan Picelj's bio taken from: avantgarde-museum.com)

(D.H., 25.02.2011)