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Tom Gotovac and BADco. selected for the Venice Biennale

time: 04.06.2011. - 23.11.2011.
place: Venice, Italy
WHW curatorial collective from Zagreb has announced  that the concept for the next Croatian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale is going to be based on the artworks by performance artist  Antonio Lauer aka Tom Gotovac and performative collective BADco.

The project initiated in 1998 when independent alternative publishing house Arkzin published 150th anniversary edition of the Marx's Communist Manifesto with an introduction by Slavoj Zizek [The Spectre is Still Roaming Around], took its shape in the area in which the considerations about possibilities of political and artistic engagement were interlocked with issues of local daily politics. The collective has curated a wide range of international exhibitions around the world, most notably the Istanbul Biennale 2009.

Independent curatorial team: Ana Devic, Natasa Ilic, Sabina Sabolovic, Ivet Curlin, additional member: Dejan Krsic

Antonio Lauer aka Tom Gotovac
Tomislav Gotovac (2010) was born in 1937 in Sombor in Vojvodina. In 1941 he moved with his parents to Zagreb. He has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the world. In 2005 Gotovac has changed his name to Antonio Lauer. In 2007 Gotovac was awarded Croatian Association of Visual Artists' Life Achievement Award.

Many years of consistent work in the field of experimental film and performance, made Tomislav Gotovac one of the most important Croatian contemporary artists. His love of film has been ongoing since childhood that was spent watching film classics in Zagreb's cinema, at a time when, after the break up of Yugoslavia with the Soviet Union, culture of the Western bloc slowly began to penetrate into the region through the cinema-scope screens. After completing high school, and one year at the Faculty of Architecture, Gotovac for several years worked as clerk. In the 1967 he enrolled at Academy of Theater, Film, Radio and Television in Belgrade where he graduated from the class of Alaksandar Petrović, Oscar winning film director. Tomislav Gotovac died in 2010.
More details: www.avantgarde-museum.com

BADco. is a collaborative performance collective based in Zagreb, Croatia. The artistic core of the collective are Pravdan Devlahović, Ivana Ivković, Ana Kreitmeyer, Tomislav Medak, Goran Sergej Pristaš, Nikolina Pristaš, Lovro Rumiha and Zrinka Užbinec.

As a combination of four choreographers / dancers, two dramaturgs and one philosopher, plus the company production manager, since its beginning (2000), BADco. systematically focuses on the research of protocols of performing, presenting and observing by structuring its projects around diverse formal and perceptual relations and contexts. Reconfiguring established relations between performance and audience, challenging perspectival givens and architectonics of performance, problematizing of communicational structures – all of that makes BADco. an internationally significant artistic phenomenon and one of the most differentiated performance experiences.
More details: badco.hr

(D.H., 15.02.2011)