ZagrebDox 2011

time: 27.02.2011. - 06.03.2011.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
The 7th edition of ZagrebDox, scheduled to take place between 27 February and 6 March will feature more than 140 recent documentaries, of which 53 will compete for the festival's main award.
The International Competition includes 29 films, and the Regional 24, which means that a total of 53 film titles will compete for the festival prizes, Big Stamps. A Little Stamp is awarded to an author up to 30 years of age, while ‘Movies That Matter’ award will be granted to the film deemed the best promoter of human rights. The audience award for best film will be granted by the general sponsor T-Croatian Telecom for the fifth time around. In addition to the competition, the programme also comprises official programmes: alongside the well-known ‘Musical Globe’, ‘Controversial Dox’, ‘Happy Dox’ and the programme launched last year, ‘State of Affairs’, this year’s edition includes two brand new programmes: ‘Masters of Dox’ and ‘Teen Dox’.

The ‘Masters of Dox’ will present the latest works by world-renowned documentary authors, while ‘Teen Dox’ turn to teenage audiences. Additional programmes will encompass a couple of retrospectives: films by one of the most important documentary authors of today, Nicolas Philibert, and a Participant Media retrospective, selected by Diana Weyermann. Participant Media is a significant and extremely influential production company in the film world, famous for its production of socially involved live action and documentary works – ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, ‘Darfur Now’ and ‘Food Inc’ are only some of their acclaimed titles. In addition to those, the festival programme will include several films produced by Factum and a programme selected by film critic Diana Nenadić – a retrospective of early Croatian documentaries.

(Source: ZagrebDox)

(D.H., 04.02.2011)