I-GLE awarded in Ljubljana

place: Ljubljana, Slovenia
organiser: BIO
Studio I-GLE has been recently awarded for the best clothing collection on the the exhibition titled Direction South-Southwest:  Fashion creating of South Western Europe (as a paraphrase of Albert Hitchcock's film South-Southwest), that has taken place in Ljubljana (Slovenia) as a part of the Slovenian Biennale of Industrial Design – BIO.

Studio I-GLE was established in 1997 by mutual initiative and cooperation of two established fashion designers: Martina Vrdoljak Ranilović and Nataša Mihaljčišin.

Offering a strong visual experience and unique dedication to each individual, I-GLE achieved a cult status in Croatia and abroad. Conception of I-GLE design is characterised by an authononimous and carefully thought answer to fashion's basic neccesities and demands in all its aspects.

In vitality and charm of the neccessary change, I-GLE is promoting cognizable identity bestowing the originality of its aesthetic by constant experiment and research in tailoring process.


(D.H., 03.02.2011)