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Matvejevic and Horvat partake at Philosophers forum in Italy

time: 05.02.2011. - 05.02.2011.
place: Prato, Italy
Writer Predrag Matvejevic and young philosopher Srecko Horvat will partake in the programme of the Philosophers forum under title ‘Is the European Union dead?’ which will take place on 5th of February in Teatro Metastasio in Prato, Italy.

Tariq Ali, Gianni Vattimo, Predrag Matvejević, Andrej Nikolaidis, Srecko Horvat

Saturday 5.2.2011. 17.00-22.00 / Theatre Metastasio, Via Benedetto Cairoli 59

Growing anti-immigrant opinion and the domination of right-wing parties all around Europe is no longer an exception but a rule. From Oriana Fallaci to Thilo Sarazzin, from anti-immigrant movements in Calabria to France’s deportation of Roma, we are witnessing the gradual mutation of the European project. Due to the financial crisis, populism and shock doctrines are rising again.

If we paraphrase a remark by the German chancellor Angela Merkel, who recently said that German multiculturalism has „utterly failed“, it’s time to ask the obvious question: Is the European Union also dead? If multiculturalism is really dead and the idea of Europe is based on diversity and difference, then the project of a unified Europe isn’t stable neither. Furthermore, we should remember that today’s EU was founded as a European coal and steel community with the goal of unified market and not people’s and worker’s rights. A goal that had been accomplished with the final version of EU constitution, which gives rights to the free market and takes them away from the working class. In the end, isn’t the crisis of multiculturalism just a result of political economy inscribed into the European Union?

The first Prato Philosophers Forum taking place in Theatre Metastasio will gather internationally acknowledged philosophers, theorists and activists who will take part in public lectures and debates trying to examine these various and important questions.

Lectures & discussions starting from 17.00 until 22.00:
Andrej Nikolaids: „Europocalpyse – the crisis of EU and end of politics in the Balkans“
Srećko Horvat: „Why do populists love Kebab?“
Tariq Ali: „The rotten heart of Europe“
Predrag Matvejević: „Europe and the other Europe“ (L’Europa e l’Altra Europa)
Gianni Vattimo: „Socialism or Europe?“

Predrag Matvejević (born 1932, Mostar), is Croatian-Bosnian writer. He is known for his writing as well as for his political activism. His book Mediterranean Breviary: A Cultural Landscape has been a bestseller in many European countries, and has been translated into more than 20 languages. Matvejević emigrated to France in 1991, but from 1994 to 2008 he lived in Italy. He taught at the University of Paris III: Sorbonne Nouvelle as well as in Sapienza in Rome, and is an honorary Vice-President of the International PEN Center. He published more then 15 books.

Andrej Nikolaidis (born 1974, Sarajevo) is a Montenegrin-Bosnian writer, columnist and current adviser to Ranko Krivokapić, speaker of the Montenegrin Parliament. In 1992, after the breakout of ethnic strife in Bosnia he emigrated together with his family to Montenegro. He published three novels: They! (2001), Mimesis (2003) and Son (2006.) and a theoretical book called Homo Sucker: The Poetics of Apocalypse (2010). He was sued by the film director Emir Kusturica because of his article „Executioner’s Apprentice“ published 2004. and critizing Kusturica’s relation with Milošević, which provoked a huge debate and support for Nikolaidis in Eastern Europe.

Gianni Vattimo (born 1936, Turin) is an internationally recognized Italian author, philosopher and politician. He has been Professor of Theoretical Philosophy at Turin and visiting professor at a number of American Universities. He is member of the European Parliament, openly gay and an avowed Catholic „who welcomes God’s death“. He published more then 15 books, many of them translated into English: The End of Modernity (1991), The Transparent Society (1992), After Christianity (2002), Dialogue with Nietzsche (2008), The Responsibility of the Philosopher (2010).

Srećko Horvat (born 1983, Osijek) is a philosopher, theoritician and translator belonging to a younger generation of Croatian intellectuals. Together with his family he emigrated from Croatia to Germany in 1984 where he lived until 1991. He has so far published six books in Croatian, among them Against Political Correctness (2007), The Discourse of Terrorism (2008), and most recently, together with the Croatian writer Igor Štiks he coauthored the book The Right to Rebbellion (2010) which is an analysis of the students’ movement against the privatization of education and neoliberal reforms in Croatia. He is a regular columnist of the leading Croatian daily Večernji list and art director (theory) of Subversive Film Festival traditionally held in May in Zagreb.

Tariq Ali (born 1943, Lahore) is a British Pakistani historian, novelist, filmmaker and activist. He is member of the editorial committe of the New Left Review and regularly contributes to The Guardian, CounterPunch and the London Review of Books. He is author of several books, including The Pirates of The Caribbean: Axis of Hope (2006), Bush in Babylon (2003), Clash of Fundamentalisms (2002), and most recently The Obama Syndrome (2010). He was active during the protests against Vietnam War and has been described as „the alleged inspiration“ for the Rolling Stones’ song „Street Fighting Man“, recorded in 1968. and John Lennon’s „Power to the People“.

(Source: Infinitethought)

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