MUVI O3/10: MUseums - VIdeo – Film

time: 06.12.2010.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: MDC
On 6 - 8 December the third edition of MUVI O3/10:  MUseums - VIdeo – Film takes place in Zagreb, Croatia.

The first biennial MUVI: museums - video - film was held in 2006 at Museum Documentation Centre (Zagreb, Croatia) the aim of it being to explore and show all the diversity of museum film and video productions in Croatian and world's museums and galleries and to encourage the preservation and protection of this segment of the heritage.

The concept of the project was defined at the very outset. It was predicted that MUVI would be held over three days every other year in the first week in December, with the proviso that the first two days were intended for a screening programme (video and films of local and foreign production), while day three, depending on the programme, would be reserved for lectures, workshops or roundtables.

The focus of MUVI would be on successful promotion of a museum community through the film and video.
In parallel, the project will continue to cover research into museum and documentation collections, video collections and film collections of Croatian and worlds’ museums and to work as a platform for the gathering of and development of personal contacts among professionals who deal with this area of activity.

Museum Documentation Centre: www.mdc.hr

Museum Documentation Centre was founded in 1955, and by widening the scope of its programs and activities has grown to be modern information and the documentation centre for the museum field in Croatia.

MDC also publishes certain museological publications – Informatica Museologica, creates web pages about Croatian museums and our experts participate in numbers of museological projects and provide advice on different museological issues.

More about MUVI 01 and MUVI 02: www.mdc.hr/en/mdc/projects/congresses-symposia-workshops/muvi/

(Source: MDC)

(D.H., 06.12.2010)