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Trilj hosts Ancient Rome football games

time: 29.05.2010. - 29.05.2010.
place: Trilj, Croatia
Ancient Roman football games with players kitted out in authentic period costume have been organised for 29 May Trilj, inland Dalmatia as part of celebrations for the 800th anniversary of the town.

Delmati and Romans will battle it out on the pitch as referees - the emperor Diocletian and his wife Prisca - preside and Roman centurions provide security.

The traditional games organised by the sport association GAZ, have been going on since 2005.

In 1968 in a small village near Gardun Trilj, a Roman tomb with a picture of a boy holding a ball was discovered. The International Football Association FIFA acknowledged this to be the first artifact of the game in the world.

(Source: Croatian Times

(D.H., 26.05.2010)