2nd Organ Vida Photography Festival

time: 15.05.2010. - 15.05.2010.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: Organ Vida
 Zagreb’s Organ Vida Photography Festival is based on lomography and disposable camera photography. The festival offers a variety of programme, as well as exhibition that thematizes the motif of Motion.

Date: 15th of May
Location: Student’s Centre

About the festival:
While thinking about photography as an art which should be popularized in every country and kept at some higher level photo itself deserve, freed from the constraints of frames and internet photo blogs, we arrived to an idea of setting up an interdisciplinary project including ( bringing) unique festivals of photography, catalogues/portfolios of reputable photographers, workshops, interworking with other competent photo institutions and bring about overall synergy of photo culture in Croatia.

So, we can say that our mission is intercession for improving conditions of work for young photographers, as well as all the others from the world of photography. Our goal is putting photographers occupation on more professional level with organization of all already mentioned events, designing artistic and interdisciplinary projects and interworking with competent photo institutions. Popularizing of photo art among young people, implementing art projects (exhibitions of our members, photo workshops, photo festivals in Zagreb, exhibition tour across the country, visiting exhibitions in foreign countries). One of our biggest wishes is establishing new and modern photo galery, accessible for all.
Organizers of this project are: Kresimir Zadravec, Marina Paulenka, Martina Skrbot.

(D.H., 13.05.2010)