conference, symposium

Belgrade Days of Oris

time: 14.05.2010. - 14.05.2010.
place: Belgrade, Serbia
organiser: Oris
Journal Oris continues the tradition of the Oris Days Event and for the first time presents the Belgrade Days of Oris in the House of trade unions in Belgrade. The event is set to take place on 14th of May.

Days of Oris each year brings as guests some of the most eminent names of world architecture and urbanism.

Days of Oris is consisted of a series of lectures and presentations of papers by renowned architects, showing their creative credo and allowing to visitors the opportunity to gain an insight into some of the most important trends of contemporary architecture.

In addition to presenting the best of world architecture, one aim of ´Days of Oris´ is to show and promote local and regional contemporary architecture. 

(D.H., 13.05.2010)