The´'Sveta Helena´ International Tournament of Knights

time: 15.05.2010. - 16.05.2010.
place: Sveta Helena, Croatia
Brave knights struggle for your attention. Their combat is just a part of the games they stage, so you need not worry about somebody getting hurt. However, they still manage to evoke the ambiance of medieval tournaments of knights.

Sparks fly under the blows of the swords, while the ladies, squires and pages hold their breath at each swing. In their camps one can see the entire arsenal of medieval weapons, colorful shields and metal costumes.

If you get hungry, you will find refreshment in hot kasha made of the now almost forgotten cereals or duck with honey prepared according to medieval recipes.

A siege of the town, rocks flying from catapults and battering rams trying to break down the solid town gate - all this will take place right in front of you. But you don’t have to be a mere observer at the Sveta Helena tournament, join in the games, test your archery skills, take a ride in a carriage or get on a horse.

(Source: Croatian Tourist Board

(D.H., 13.05.2010)