Nobility Fair

time: 11.05.2010. - 05.06.2010.
place: Karlovac, Croatia
 For two weeks every year the small town of Dubovac returns to the Middle Ages. Celebrating the long and interesting history of the town which has lived a vibrant trading life long before Karlovac was established, the people of the area organize a Great fair.

Passing through the streets of that fair one learns about medieval customs, crafts, arms, games and food.

Costume entertainment is provided by actors and musicians, merchants and craftsmen who, like medieval court jesters, do their best to entice visitors to their stands, while knights in shining armor and soldiers from historic units fight for their attention.

One never knows, good fortune might decide that some lucky chap gets to ride a white steed and free his maiden from the black tower.

(Source: Croatian Tourist Board)

(D.H., 13.05.2010)