The Croatian Festival of One-Minute Films

time: 27.05.2010. - 29.07.2010.
place: Pozega, Croatia
 Film makers regard the one-minute film format as a special challenge. Such format requires significant adjustments in the conception and implementation of ideas. The film has to squeeze in all required elements of the story into a single minute - the plot, the culmination and the outcome.

In addition, oneminute films often attract film amateurs who do not have the opportunity to engage in major film projects, which does not necessarily mean they lack the required quality.

A formidable collection of films of all genres, on all kinds of subjects and with all kinds of messages, their only common feature being the minute length, can be viewed at the one-minute film festival in Požega, a festival that has gained an international reputation over the past few years.

(Source: Croatian Tourist Board)

(D.H., 05.05.2010)