Croatian Pavillion on EXPO 2010 Shanghai

time: 01.05.2010. - 31.10.2010.
place: Shanghai, China
After successful participation at World Exhibitions in Lisbon (1998), Hannover (2000), Aichi (2005) and Zaragoza (2008) the Republic of Croatia is presenting itself at the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, which is going to be, according to all indicators and previews, the most spectacular World Exhibition ever.

The intention of the Republic of Croatia is to present at the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai its reach historical and cultural heritage, its dynamic contemporary urban life and its important potentialities for the future development. These aims will be fulfilled inside the Croatian Pavilion, located in the Zone C together with other European countries and between the Lithuanian and Romanian pavilions, as a flash-journey that will show Croatian cities, their architectural centers, as well as the dynamism of  contemporary living.

Ten projectors placed on the walls of the Exhibition space sized 27 x 16,4 m give perspective projections and short video clips (some ten seconds) as well as exchanging pictures of the daily life in Croatian cities showing characteristic urban situations. Exhibited are diversities of life in many continental and coastal, historic and new cities, as well as the visions of the development of urban life in Croatia.

Every change of the picture is accompanied by a photo-flash with the name of the city at its bottom or the upper edge. With every projection there are sounds of authentic urban spaces or music which they can inspire. Every projection lasts 4-5 minutes and is automatically repeated. There are white flags on the façade of the pavilion, which is painted red, and these two colours give an impression of the red and white fields of the chequy, the symbol of the Republic of Croatia which is presented on its emblem.

(D.H., 30.04.2010)