8th Queer Zagreb

time: 04.05.2010. - 14.05.2010.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: Queer Zagreb
Queer Zagreb is an international multimedia festival, which examines the social norms in the transitional society through art, theory and activism. One of the largest festivals of its kind in the region, specifically covers "queer" identity through the prism of art, dance, music and film.

The festival takes place from 4th to 14th of April in Zagreb.

American artists represent a big segment of the program, and among them are especially relevant Michele Ceballos and Guilermo Gomez Pena, members of a group La Pocha Nostra, who question identity and ethnicity within contemporary political systems using a visually stunning and innovative theater language. They will collaborate with local artists and performers for their presentation of Corpo Illicito, a show that tackles many issues, but with a lot of genuine queer style. Somewhat similair in its content grasp, yet totally different in its staging, Keith Hennessy will engage the audiences in a more intimate manner during his performances Crotch and A Brief History...

Even though he has been living in Berlin for years now, Jeremy Wade is a part of the American programming with his performance I Offer Myself to Thee and a special event he is delivering for our audiences, a concert with Jeremy and his band.

Another beautiful musical experience is going to be presented by a Seattle based artists Holcome Waller and his group The Healers who will open the festival with their intimate and beautiful show Into the Dark Unknown: The Hope Chest which is an emotionally charged and visually powerful performance. Holcombe Waller & the Healers will also perform a concert as a separate event.

Music is in a way the core of the work of Antonia Baehr, an artist from Germany, who will perform the show Rire / Lachen in which she analyzes laughter and the possibilities of composing laughter. From Germany we have the great pleasure also to present for the third time at the festival Raimund Hoghe, this time with the solo performance for an amazing dancer Emmanuel Eggermong, L'Aprčs-midi. Choreographies by Raimund Hoghe lean on immaculate understanding of music, movement details and sometimes deceiving rituality and precision of his dances.

Lutz Förster is a dancer in Pina Bausch' company and is also the title of Jeromea Bęl's new work, stemming from the same series and methodology as the performance Pichet Klunchun & myself from Jerome's previous visit to Queer Zagreb. The work is made in dedication to different aspects of contemporary and traditional dance through strong personalities as representatives of those aesthetics.

The very end of the festival is reserved for Cecilia Bengolea and Fraçois Chaignaud, whose interpretations of Paquerette and Sylphides last year are still remembered, and I am sure their newest creation Castor & Pollux will have the same successful festival destiny of admiration and audience amazement. An additional performance at the festival is a collaboration between Fraçois Chaignaud and Marie-Caroline Homonal, which resulted in a piece Duchesses that is an incredibly simple and effective performance, perfect for closing the performance section of this year's festival.

(D.H., 27.04.2010)