Vis listed among top 10 little-known dream islands

time: 26.04.2010.
place: Vis, Croatia
The southern Croatian island of Vis was listed among the top ten little-known dream islands, Yahoo Travel reported earlier this week.

Vis is the most westerly larger Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea, and is part of the Central Dalmatian group of islands, with an area of 90.26 km˛ and a population of 3,617 (as of 2001). Of all the inhabited Croatian islands, it is the farthest from the coast. The highest peak of Vis is called Hum, 587 m high.

There are two towns and municipalities on the island, Vis (1,960 inhabitants in the municipality) and Komiža (it. Comisa) (1,677, both located on the seacoast. There are smaller settlements on the island's interior: Podselje, Marinje zemlje, Podspilje, and Podstrazje.

Vis was inhabited by the time of the Neolithic period. In the 4th century B.C., the tyrant of Siracuse, Dionysius the Elder, founded the colony Issa on the island. Later, it became an independent city-state, and even minted its own money and founded its own colonies elsewhere. In the first century B.C., the island was held by the Liburnians.In the 4th century BC Syracusan Greeks colonised the Island Its importance in the region ended with the first Illyro-Roman war (29-219 B.C.. Having sided with Pompeus during the period of civil struggles in Rome, became an "oppidum civium Romanorum" in 47 B.C. Read more


(D.H., 26.04.2010)