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Ljubljana Days of Oris 4

time: 07.04.2010. - 07.04.2010.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: Oris
On Wednesday, April 7th, the symposium of architecture in Ljubljana titled 'Ljubljana Days of Oris' will take place. The idea for this project has been generated by great interest shown by readers of Oris magazine and audience who attend Oris and its events.

 Organizers are making this manifestation a regular event since year 2006, similar like they did with “Days of Oris” in Zagreb since year 2001.

Ljubljana will become the center of world architecture on 7 April. The architectural symposium 'Ljubljana Days of Oris' will bring the global metropolises and their architects to Ljubljana, where you can see and hear what is happening on the global architectural scene. Organized by the Arhitekst company, the publisher of the magazine, the 'Ljubljana Days of Oris' will bring together the following names of world architecture in Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana

The concept of symposium consists of a series of lectures of exquisite architects from five different countries being presented; each of them presents in the first place his/her own work and bringing up his/her own thoughts about architecture and urbanism in general. Thanks to this approach, audience has opportunity to see the current trends in architecture and to compare them with Slovenian scene.

The selection of architects has first of all been made based on their outstanding projects, and writings on architecture, but also taking into account international awards or design awards they may have received.

15:00 opening
15:00 Wenyi Wu, China
16:00 Miha Dešman, dans arhitekti, Slovenia
17:00 SPLITTERWERK, Austria
18:00 Idis Turato, randić turato arhitekti, Croatia
19:00 RCR arquitectes, Spain

A big support to the 'Ljubljana Days of Oris' will be provided by the City of Ljubljana and the TRAJEKT association. The symposium will be opened by Janez Koželj, the deputy mayor of Ljubljana.

The event has been planned as a series of lectures by the architects chosen according to the recent relevance of their achievements and quality. By presenting their works, they present themselves, their city and their country. 

(D.H., 25.03.2010)