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Faculty of Textile Technology opens new labs

time: 26.02.2010. - 31.03.2010.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
 Two new laboratories were opened at Zagreb's Faculty of Textile Technology on Wednesday by Minister of Science, Education and Sports Radovan Fuchs.

The labs will be used for the "Unlocking the Croatian Textile T-Pot" project led by Professor Sandra Bischof Vukusic.

T-Pot will receive around one million Euros in the framework of EU project FP7-RegPot (Research Potential ) competition that began in March 2009 and will end in September 2011.

Around 40 per cent of the funding will go for lab equipment.

The overall objectives of T-Pot is to unlock and upgrade research potential at the Faculty of Textile Technology (TTF), to enhance the participation of Croatian textile organisations in research activities at the European level and to support the harmonisation and integration process of Croatian textile entities in the European Union Area of Research.

The aim is to develop new technologies and materials that will benefit the Croatian economy. The project should also improve Croatian entrepreneurship and the competitiveness of Croatian textile products in the global market.

(Source: Croatian Times)

(D.H., 26.02.2010)