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Croatian Heritage Foundation publishes Almanac 2010

time: 01.02.2010. - 28.02.2010.
organiser: MATIS
The Croatian Heritage Foundation has recently published its Almanac for 2010 with summaries in English and Spanish.

The Croatian Emigrant Almanac is a multi-purpose serial publication, available in printed and electronic form that analytically follows the social and cultural activities of the Croatian nation in the Homeland and the Emigration. With this demanding series of publications the Croatian Heritage Foundation endeavors to first and foremost encourage cultural exchange between the Croatian emigration and the Homeland.

The decision of the Croatian Emigrant Almanac's publisher to print the Almanac in a trilingual form (Croatian, English and Spanish) is, therefore, understandable in order to bridge the language barrier and thereby be accessible to people of Croatian extraction from fifty countries across the globe that no longer use the Croatian language but rather that of their domicile country. 

(D.H., 22.02.2010)