Kastav Carnival

time: 17.01.2010. - 06.02.2010.
place: Croatia
The Kastav carnival takes place annually between St Anthony's day (17 January) and Ash Wednesday (6 February).

 Participating villages are represented by the Zvoncari, groups of people wearing grotesque masks and sailor's outfits with lamb pelts over their shoulders.
During parades, groups perform different dances, ringing the bells attached to their belts and colliding with each other to ensure maximum noise!

The town of Kastav and the whole Kastav region are plain historical, geographical, architectural and tourist facts. Situated, as one poet said “ponad mora, kano soko” (“above the sea, like a hawk”), so similar and yet so different from other towns in this region, with its soul in a nest made of stone, it is large enough for everyone willing to experience it in its wholeness. Kastav gives something to everyone and at the same time receives something in return. Read more

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