Rijeka in the Reseau Art Nouveau Network

place: EU
organiser: Reseau Art Nouveau Network
The city of Rijeka has been selected for the Reseau Art Nouveau Network. Rijeka is the first Croatian city which was admitted into the membership of this international network that brings together cities of rich Secession heritage.

The project and nomination were organized by Julija Lozzi-Barkovic and Daina Glavocic (MMSU, Rijeka) jointly with Jasna Rotim Malvic and Department for Art History at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Rijeka.

About the Reseau Art Nouveau Network
Art Nouveau: A Quintessentially European Movement

Jugendstil, Modern Style, Glasgow Style, Secession, Nieuwe Kunst, Stile Liberty, Ecole de Nancy, Modernisme - these are all different facets of an essentially pan - European cultural phenomenon: Art Nouveau.

Emerging at the turn of the century, the Art Nouveau trend was driven by a particular set of aesthetic ideals and an enthusiasm for modernity, exploiting the possibilities offered by the industrial technologies and the new materials, and combining an aspiration to beauty with meticulous workmanship and a scrupulous eye for detail. The result was a wonderful concordance of architecture, furniture, and decoration.

An Endangered Heritage?
Having languished for decades in oblivion, Art Nouveau is once again in fashion and apparently well protected. But appearances can be deceptive: as well as the major examples of the movement's output, the importance of which is universally acknowledged, there are large numbers of remarkable creations that remain unknown to the public, enjoy scant protection, or have actually been destroyed. In addition, the tardiness with which protection measures are being implemented in certain countries is placing large numbers of important items associated with the movement in jeopardy.

 A Committed and Enterprising European Network
In 1999, following an idea mooted by the Brussels Region Department of Historic Sites and Monuments, a large group of institutions from various European cities with a rich Art Nouveau heritage - from Helsinki to Barcelona, and from Glasgow to Budapest - decided to come together to form an initial European co-operation network.

Research, conservation, and proper exposure are the key objectives of the ambitious programme which the Réseau Art Nouveau Network has set itself for the coming years. Enterprise and commitment are the Network's chief hallmarks; as well as championing a rigorously scientific approach, it aims to keep professionals informed and to make the general public aware of the cultural significance and European dimension of this heritage on our very own doorstep.

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(D.H., 31.12.2009)