Komikaze to be presented in USA

time: 07.01.2010. - 13.01.2010.
place: Portland, USA
organiser: Floating World Comics Festival
Comic collective Komikaze will be presented at the Floating World Comics Festival in Portland (USA) between 7th and 12th January 2010.

'The beginning of 2010 is a perfect time to start a new addiction: get hooked on KOMIKAZE, the disturbed yet hysterical Croatia-based comics network, featuring comics artists from the South Eastern Europe as well as artists from all around the world who are brought together by the same urge to explore morbid, non-conformist, brutal, absurd, and subconscious territories. Komikaze is moving in independent, non-profit circles far away from globalized and institutionalized art.

Started as a slap in the face to the sleepy Croatian comics scene, Komikaze has spread contagiously all around Europe and beyond using different techniques of dissemination, namely web presentation, exhibitions, comic-workshops/social-bonding-rituals, zine and magazine distribution, street art, and performances. Komikaze has been a regular guest at festivals like Angouleme in France and Crack Fest in Rome.'

Little crumbs from the manifesto:

"KOMIKAZE" is a gang of crooks which disturb and provoke the public with their appearance... Our wish is to pluck out the glass eyes of the habit and by our own example show how everybody can see well with thir own eyes. ////Since our aims are brutal and bizarre, we have directed our knife points towards the field of artistic expression in order to save the innocent… ...Our actions are various. The act of exhibiting itself is not crucial for a medium in which the reproduction is equal to the original. Today photography, a good photocopy, digital copy and print, speak equally strongly as the original....The point of the story is that everyone is the courier of an important message if they follow their inner wild eye. By this I want to say that the stress is on the process of viewing, not the exhibited objects…
My vision of the future is a constant circulation of comics on the Internet, and they will be printed and pasted inside or outside, according to anybody’s needs. In the woods, too, if desired. These will be the real culture factories, an old idea in a new package. It is just a question of time when everyone will realize that to spill ink on paper is an act of freedom. 

(D.H., 31.12.2009)