New Museum of Contemporary Art opens in Zagreb

time: 11.12.2009.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
The inauguration programme has been coordinated by Krešimir Dolenčić. Among numerous events that will take place in front of the museum, as well as on top of the building and inside, we would especially like to mention the following: the inauguration of installations "Roller-Coaster" by German artist Carsten Höller, "Eyes of Purification" by Polish artist Miroslaw Balka at the southern entry to the museum, "Artist at Work" by Dalibor Martinis on the roof terrace, "Alchemic Polyptych" by Silvio Vujičić and "Battlefield" by Antun Božičević on the roof of the building. We are also inviting you to the projection of a documentary on the construction of MSU, produced by the Croatian Television (HTV), in the multimedia auditorium. At the same time, renown musicians and bands will perform in various locations in and around the museum.

The events will naturally focus on the Moving Collections, our first permanent exhibition, authored by curators Nada Beroš and Tihomir Milovac. The second major and intriguing exhibition is that of Acquisitions 2004-2009. The visitors will also be able to see a temporary exhibition entitled Museum before the Museum, a selection of photographs by Jasenko Rasol, who documented the construction of the museum building with his camera.

All these events will be accompanied by projections of video-mapping on the Museum's building, while the events within will be screened on the western façade.

It will be yet another December date inscribed in golden letters into the Museum's history, since it was founded on December 7, 1954. At once it became an important reference point on the cultural map of Zagreb and soon it gained a wider international significance. Since the 1960s there has been a wish to expand the Museum, primarily because of the local and international importance of its collections, which were kept in inadequate conditions and were not fully accessible to the public. But let's make it brief: the project of Igor Franić won the international competition of 1999. The construction began in 2003, jointly financed by the City of Zagreb and the Croatian Ministry of Culture. The new building of MSU has been the largest cultural investment in independent Croatia.

There are many things in which our new MSU excels. For example, it is the largest cultural institution in the district of Novi Zagreb and the first of its sort. And not only that: we hope that the Museum, with its varied programme, will become a new focal point in the cultural life of Zagreb, moreover, a new living room of its citizens, a place to have family gatherings or fun with friends, a place to learn something new.

The opening of the new building of MSU will actually be a three-day event: on 10 December, it will host professionals, journalists, and representatives of the tourist industry. On the next day, 11 December, special guests will be invited for the official inauguration ceremony, while on 12 December the building will be opened to the general public. We have also planned numerous accompanying programmes for these three days, with the aim of attracting not only intentional visitors, but also casual passers-by to peep further and deeper into the museum building. You are welcome to join us!

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(D.H., 10.12.2009)