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Symposium on 400 years of Croats in Vienna held

place: Vienna, Austria
A two-day symposium, "400 years of Croats in Vienna", conceived by scholar Josip Sersic and journalist Peter Tyran and organised by the Burgenland Croat Centre, ended in Vienna on Sunday.

In the 16th century, the Croatian ethnic group in Burgenland — or "Gradišcanski Hrvati" in Croatian — settled in the borderlands of what are today Austria, Hungary and Slovakia. Today's Burgenland province and the eastern portion of Lower Austria formed the center of the settlement area.

It is estimated that today approximately 50,000 to 60,000 Croatian-speaking persons live in these areas, most of whom reside in Burgenland or in Vienna. In terms of numbers, the Burgenland Croats are therefore the largest acknowledged ethnic group in Austria.

The "old country" of the Burgenland Croats is located in the border area between what are now Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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(D.H., 23.11.2009)