Jiri Menzel will promote Croatian tourism

Well-known Czech film director Jiri Menzel will make advertising video spots for the Croatian Tourist Board for the Czech market.

The website Tportal has reported that the news was announced today (Tues) by Croatian Minister of Tourism Damir Bajs and Croatian Tourist Board head Niko Bulic, who said Menzel could even play in the video spots.

The Croatian Tourist Board will have an Oscar winner on its team for the first time, and it will be a new experience for Menzel.

The interesting part is that the spots will be aimed not only at the Czech market but also at the Polish and Ukrainian markets.

Menzel said: "I am grateful for any job. It will be very demanding, but it will include something I love, and that is Croatia."

Oscar winner Jiri Menzel has already made two documentaries about Croatia, "Moja Hrvatska" (My Croatia) and "Nase more, vase more" (Our Sea, Your Sea).

(Source: Croatian Times)

(D.H., 21.10.2009)