Karlovac to host film festivals this week

time: 10.09.2009. - 13.09.2009.
place: Karlovac, Croatia
organiser: Four River Film Festival
The second Four River Film Festival (FRFF) and 14th Croatian Youth Film Festival (YFF) will take place in the city of Karlovac from 10 to 13 September.

More than 150 films and videos by young Croats and foreigners will be presented. Youths aged 14 to 20 can take part in the festival. The Four River Film Festival was started in order to promote cooperation among young people and film and video production.

The organizers are the Croatian Film Clubs Association and Cinema Club Karlovac.

This year's programme will feature 79 domestic and 45 foreign films from all parts of the world - Bangladesh, the USA, the UK, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Finland.

The organizers have said that this year’s films have surpassed all expectations, both in creativity and number, making the jury’s task a difficult one.

Marija Ratkovic, coordinator of the 14th YFF and the second FRFF said there had been almost four times as many films submitted for the Four River Film Festival than last year.

Ratkovic said: "The film experts are aware of the importance of this event and its influence on young, creative minds. Sometimes, we forget that all of us have to start somewhere and that the beginning requires the most effort, the purest ideas and undisturbed creativity."

(Source: Croatian Times)

(D.H., 08.09.2009)