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Online Arts Festival – call for entries

time: 20.10.2009. - 30.10.2009.
Application: 01.10.2009.
organiser: Euro-Med Young Artist Network (EMYAN)
The Euro-Med Young Artist Network (EMYAN) is launching the call for entries for the second edition of the Online Arts Festival taking place between the 20th and the 30th of October 2009. The Festival wants to stimulate young artists from the Euro-Mediterranean region. All festival entries must be submitted via the online form no later than October 1st, 2009.

EMYAN also stands for artistic collaboration across regions and the Online Arts Festival want to highlight creativity using innovative tools for expression and sharing of ideas. Art is shared virtually among peers throughout the Online Arts Festival and defines new methodologies of artistic exchange.
For this second edition, the Online Arts Festival will strengthen its goals by reflecting the diversity of artistic expression across several regions hoping to stimulate ways of narrative and visual artifices.

The The festival will keep the multidisciplinary of its categories for this prolific 2.0 presentation and the artist works will not only aspire to showcase artistic expression but the entries will need to engage and focus towards the context of the art creation. The theme artifice aims to spotlight artist’s ingenuity and cleverness by use of diverse methods of define a more engaged art practice.

Starting from this year onwards, a special category will be assigned alongside the festival, which will elaborate contemporary cultural connections. ‘Spaces for interactivity’, the Festival newly featured special category, will reflect traditional and new game cultures in urban spaces across Europe and the Mediterranean. By stimulating the presentation of traditional games and reinventing techniques for interactive gaming, the festival entries hope to reflect artistry and resourcefulness.

Festival is open for young artists between 15 to 30 years old, from All Europe and the Mediterranean.

The online entry form is essential and must be completed and submitted online before the deadline. No other ways of submission will be accepted. Multiple entries are encouraged. The same entry can be entered into different categories. However, it is obligatory to fill in an individual entry form for each category. All entries must have been produced, uploaded and published online after January 1st, 2006.

Entries can have any language version. Non-English versions must have subtitles/description and one written page synopsis in English.

Categories: Video, Film, Sound, Photography, Web-based media, Mobile technologies, comics. All art categories are welcomed as long as it can be published on the internet on any way possible as photos, videos, text or Audio.

Entry form


(I.P., 19.08.2009)