Špancirfest in Varazdin

time: 21.08.2009. - 30.08.2009.
place: Varazdin, Croatia
organiser: Spancir Festival
Špancirfest is a festival celebrating the city. It is a whirlpool of music, dance and laughter, an exciting walk made just for the sake of walking. This festival meets the already forgotten, people devote themselves to the city and the city responds back to them.  

During Spancirfest, about 250 programmes and hundreds of artists from around the world are here only for you... So, take part in presentations of old crafts and skills of traditional handicraft. Enjoy different music genres, numerous performances and new theatre shows, comedies, children’s plays and entertainment and educational presentations of the  Children’s World of Imagination.

Apart from programmes shown on the six stages and those going on in the streets and squares of the old city core, Špancirfest provides a line of interactive workshops (art, music…)

Every year one gets to rediscover the Špancirfest, and it turns into a unique experience. No one knows what story the city will be telling us this year, what its rhythm, sound or fragrance will be.

(D.H., 14.08.2009)