10th International Festival of Chamber Theatre 'Zlatni lav', Umag

time: 25.06.2009. - 05.07.2009.
place: Umag, Croatia
organiser: Zlatni lav
The spirit of chamber theatre in Umag is impersonated in Mr Antonio Coslovich, who in the 1820s built 'Al Leon d'oro' Hotel in which he equipped a small theatre, the first in this region. Zlatni Lav ('Golden Lion') festival is a selected revue of contemporary theatre on a given topic, in Istrian intercultural spirit.

The festival takes place from 26th June to 5th of July.

Theatre companies and solo artist are chosen by the selector and a grand prize is awarded by a panel of judges.

Festival Art Director: Damir Zlatar Frey.

See more detailed programme: www.zlatni-lav.hr/program

(D.H., 10.06.2009)