'Farewell' by Irena Skoric rewarded in Latvia

place: Riga, Latvia
organiser: 2ANNAS 2009 International Short Film Festival
Irena Skoric's film 'Farewell' won the 2ANNAS Diplomas award at the 2ANNAS 2009 International Short Film Festival in Riga (Latvia).

About Farewell
Short fiction film
12 minutes, 2008, CROATIA, color, 16 mm
Production Company: Academy of Dramatic Art (ADU) in Zagreb, Croatia,
Director and screenwriter: Irena Skoric
Director of photography: Bojana Burnac
Editing: Borna Buljevic
Sound mix: Vedran Stefan
Music composer: Pere Istvancic

Father and son are going on a trip in their old ex -Yugoslav car - Zastava 101. Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye. Goodbye to people and things they loved, and the ex- country in that they lived.

Irena Skoric was born in Zagreb, Croatia. She graduated film and TV directing at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb in 2008. She wrote for film magazines “Hollywood” and “The Croatian Cinema Chronicle”. She directed a number of short feature, documentary and experimental films. Her films have participated in numerous local and international festivals (France, Austria, Czech Republic, U.S.A., Switzerland, Netherlands, Macedonia, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Slovenia, Portugal and Hungary) and won a number of prizes. Her experimental and documentary films (Fisherman’s tale, The glamour and misery of goodwife Batinusa) represented Croatia several times on various cultural manifestations. Her short feature JMBG 0812983385073 (Identity Number 0812983385073) participated in the program called ‘Young Croatian Video’ in Home Gallery in Prague, 2003, as the work by one of the most eminent Croatian young filmmakers. Film Work in progress (2005) was selected as one of the best experimental films from recent production to represent Croatia at The experimental film festival in Madrid, 2006. Her documentary Fire, water, flour won first prize at The European environmental and arts festival (EEAF) in Scotland, 2007. Her documentary You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours won 1st prize in Mostar short film festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2008, and short fiction film Farewell won Best short film award at Libertas film festival in 2008 and won special jury mention at Motovun film festival in Croatia 2008. Also, won the best short fiction film award at Take 2 film festival in Ireland in 2008.

About Festival
2ANNAS is a non-profit independent international short film festival featuring creative shorts produced by young  professional independent filmmakers, film school students, graduates and experimental film projects worldwide. Begun in 1996 as modest film screenings of experimental shorts for youngsters and kids, 2ANNAS has grown into an international event seeking innovative ideas and fresh cinematic solutions from all around the world.
The festival’s objective is to promote non-commercial cinema. It presents the latest tendencies and a variety of ideas generated by young filmmakers (film directors aged under 35) in different areas of the world. The festival promotes the work of these filmmakers by encouraging them to meet each other, share a creative experience, cooperate, learn, inspire, and discover new perspectives for their future work. The festival hosts different guest film programmes and a special film programme Green Anna presenting the best short films made by Latvian youth under the age of 19.
Every May, 2ANNAS offers a range of short film collections – features, animation, music videos, and documentaries – in its competition and special programs, which are screened in Riga’s cinemas and other venues. The festival hosts lectures and photo exhibitions, as well as theater and music performances, “out-of-box events”, and other activities within the rich city environment and the vibrant multi-talented 2ANNAS atmosphere.
The festival invites special guests – young film directors, VJs and DJs, lecturers, jury members and collaboration partners – from a number of different countries. The festival also draws large crowds of visitors, most of which are young filmmakers, artists, and students from the Baltic and European countries.


(D.H., 09.06.2009)