Dubravka Vukalovic and Bruno Vlahek in Berlin and Lausanne

time: 12.06.2009. - 21.06.2009.
place: Berlin (Germany); Lausanne (Switzerland)
 Young pianists Dubravka Vukalovic and Bruno Vlahek known as a piano duo under name ‘D&B Duo' will have guest appearances in Germany and Switzerland.

On 12th of June D&B Duo' will have a concert in Theatersaal at the Free Berlin University (FU Berlin), whilst on 21st of June they plan to give a concert in the main hall of the Conservatorium in Lausanne.

Programme: original compositions and arrangements for two pianos by Claudea Debussyja, Leonarda Bernsteina, Witolda Lutoslawskog and Astora Piazzolle.

Dubravka Vukalovic's official site:
Bruno Vlahek online:

(D.H., 08.06.2009)