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Tošo Dabac, Life & Photographs, 1907 - 1970

Tošo Dabac, one of the most important and versatile Croatian photographers, winner of many awards and member of prestigious Croatian and international photographic associations, has had a huge influence on the development of Croatian photography. The Tošo Dabac Arhive invites you to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of this remarkable artist of Croatian photography and to strengthen the importance of the art of photography.

The Croatian Apoxyomenos

The Croatian Apoxyomenos was found in 1999 in the sea close to island Lošinj. Apoxyomenos is an extraordinary example of the world cultural heritage, therefore determination and restoration of its origin is of great importance. Despite structural damages, erosion and fused sediments caused by centuries of underwater stay, specialists in the Croatian Conservation Institute in Zagreb already succeeded in bringing the shine of the statue to light.

Media art

Unlike other aspects of the arts, media art in Croatia has not yet received systematic treatment. The creation of this thematic segment called Panorama as a part of the project Culturenet is the first attempt to define the term media art in Croatia in its historic context, as well as to set up a relevant data base with an illustrative presentation of it.

Contemporary Croatian Drawing

As initiator Ministry of Culture of Republic Croatia has organized representative and panoramic exhibition of Contemporary Croatian Drawing with an aim to promote sixty artists. Curator of exhibition is academician Tonko Maroević. See galleries:Metamorphisis of the body; Challenge of color; Characters in space; Structures; Suggestion of the deep; Traces of gesture. Photo: Vid Barac.

Music - organs in Croatia

History of Croatian music is richer and heterogeneous thanks to enhanced and institutional efforts and doings of experts, especially musicologists, as well as composers and performers, heritage of nearer and further ages which are slowly reaching in our everyday life and becomes living heritage…

Contemporary Croatian Graphic Art

Contemporary Croatian Graphic Art is a traveling exhibition that represents thirty three graphic artists and shows that contemporary graphic art is one of the most vital components of Croatian fine arts. The exhibition comprises of the works of several generations, from established modern classics to the young and enthusiastic artists. The exhibition is curated by Lada Bošnjak and organized by the Ministry of Culture of Republic Croatia. Photo: Stanko Vrtovec.