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Stanko Abadžić in Turkey

Photographer Stanko Abadžić will partake at the Fotofestival which is set to take place from 17 to 23 November in Marmaris, Turkey.

Photographer Stanko Abadzić in Finland

Helsinki based Camera Gallery will host exhibition with b/ w photographs from Zagreb cycle by Stanko Abadžić from 4 to 30 April.

Organ Vida 2013

5th international photography festival Organ vida will take place from September 16th to 21st in Bačva gallery (HDLU), Kino Europa, A.K.C. Medika, Faculty of design and Tvornica Katran.

Exhibition Zero Point of Meaning. in Graz

Photography exhibition titled 'Zero Point of Meaning.' curated by Sandra Križić Roban, and Ivana Hanaček @ Camera Austria opens on 8 March in Graz, Austria.

Photography tours offered in Croatia

Photographers now have an opportunity to tour some of the world’s most beautiful destinations while learning photography secrets from an award winning photographer. Jim Nilsen’s Photography Travel Tours offers serious amateurs the opportunity of learning from a highly respected professional travel photographer while experiencing stunning off the beaten track locations in Italy and Croatia.

Hrvoje Slovenc's photographs exhibited in New York

Croatian photographer Hrvoje Slovenc based in New York exhibits at the moment his artwork Marble Hill in the Gallery Helac Fine Arts. Slovenc also partakes at the group exhibition curated by Andrea Pemberton and organized by Gagosian Gallery which is on view at the Garis&Hahn Gallery.

'Croatian Photography Through The Eyes Of Peter Knapp'

The exhibition "Croatian Photography Through The Eyes Of Peter Knapp" opened in Zagreb's Museum of Arts and Crafts on Thursday evening.

Tomislav Gotovac on view in Linz and Vienna

Provokative series of erotic photography entitled Foxy Mister by Tomislav Gotovac will be presented at the exhibition Nude Man in the Leopold Museum, Vienna till 28 January, 2013 as well as within the exhibition The Naked Man at the Lentos KunstMuesum in Linz till 17 february, 2013.

Photographs by Jasenka Bulj in Slovenia

The photography exhibition Stopped shots / Somewhere in between, Highway Zagreb-Ljubljana (2006-2010) by Jasenka Bulj opens on 9 October at 6 pm in the Gallery Božidar Jakac in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. The exhibition remains opened till 3 February, 2013.

Days of Archive Tošo Dabac – exhibition of Tošo Dabac photography and lectures

Dabac's opus is kept in the photographer's former studio at Ilica 17, which is now an archive and gallery. The archive co-organises with the Museum of Contemporary Art the Days of Photography, showcasing the work of Dabac together with that other artists using the media of photography, film and video.

Steve McCurry photographs to be exhibited in Zagreb

An exhibition of photos taken by world-famous photographer Steve McCurry will formally open in Zagreb on Thursday in the Art Pavilion in Zagreb.

Petra Mrša wins photography festival in Italy

Croatian photographer Petra Mrša has won first place at a photography festival in Savingano sul Rubicone in Italy.

International Exhibition with photos from 59 countries

An international exhibition of photography will open in Dubrovnik on Monday the 17th of September at 8pm in the Sponza Palace entitled “Dubrovnik International Photo Salon 2012.”

Croatian Press Photograph exhibition sets visitor record

An exhibition of the best Croatian press photographs from last year has become the most visited exhibition in Croatia this year. "Croatian Press Photographs 2011", held at Gallery Fotoklub in Split had 8,036 visitors , making it the most visited exhibition this year.

Photographer Antonija Butković exhibited in San Francisco

Antonija Butković is amongst thirteen leading street style photographers in the world and her work could be seen in the moment at the group exhibition Lexus Laws of Attraction which takes place in San Francisco.

Stanko Abadžić @Chambre Claire Gallery

Photographer Stanko Abadžić currently presents his works at the Chambre Claire Gallery in Dingy St Clair, France. The exhibition is on view till September 1 presenting his B/W photographs from the Paris series selected by Rosalie Detiene, the gallery owner.

Đuro Janeković: 'Zagreb in the Thirties' in Bratislava

The Croatian Embassy on Monday held a ceremony at Bratislava Castle to commemorate the 21st anniversary of the formation of an independent Croatia in 1991. At the same time, the event included the opening of a photography exhibition entitled 'Zagreb in the Thirties' featuring the work of Đuro Janeković. The exhibition is to run until July 31.

Exhibition Aftermath. Changing cultural landscape in Ljubljana

The exhibition Aftermath. Changing cultural landscape – Tendencies of engaged post-Yugoslavian contemporary photography with Croatian photographers Jasenko Rasol, Sandra Vitaljić, Ana Opalić and Borko Vukosav is on view till September 2 in National Museum of Slovenia (Ljubljana).  

Photographs by Stanko Abadžić in Black & White Magazine

Photographs by Stanko Abadžić could be seen in the latest edition of US based Black & White Magazine. Abadzic's portfolio has been presented on 10 pages, selected by the editor Dean Briedly.

Photography exhibition by Marko Vrdoljak in Riga

The exhibition titled Amazing Croatia by photographer Marko Vrdoljak has been opened in Latvia. The exhibition organized by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs is at the moment on view at the European House in Riga.
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Renata Poljak @Art Paris Fair 2012

Renata Poljak presents her artworks from the cycle 'Inaccurate Memories' and a series of photographs from her video project Staging Actors / Staging Beliefs at the Art Paris Fair 2012. Poljak exhibits within the programme of Ernst Hilger Gallery. Art Paris Fair 2012 is set to take place from March 29 to April 1.
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'The Same Rain, The Same Wind' project

Artists Burhan Hadzialjevic, Eugen Borkovski, Ivo Corkovic, Bojan Sumonja, Ivan Valusek, Hassan Abdelghani, Robert Pauletta, Katja Restovic and Zak Valenta will partake during 2012 and 2013 in the International Art Project 'The Same Rain, The Same Wind'.

Photographers' favorite spot: Winter bird watching begins in Kopacki Rit

Winter bird watching has begun in the eastern Croatian nature park of Kopacki Rit, one of the largest and best preserved wetlands in Europe. Kopacki Rit is known as inspiration for many art and nature photographers in Croatia and abroad.

Stanko Abadžić's photos in Chinese Photographic Travel Magazine

Following the publication of Stanko Abadžić’s nude photography artworks in magazine Photographers Companion, another Chinese magazine - Photographic Travel brings Abadžić’s portfolio with photos of Paris.

Abadzic's photographs in Photographers Companion

Portfolio with nude photography made by Stanko Abadzic was published in the latest edition of Chinese magazine Photographers Companion.
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Zoran Orlic´s photo on the cover of the Rolling Stone Magazine

Croatian American photographer Zoran Orlic, made the cover of the September 2011 German-language edition of Rolling Stone Magazine.  Zoran Orlic  is already known in music circles for his photographs of the Frames and Wilco. 
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Curator Zelimir Koscevic – Jury member in Moscow

Curator Zelimir Koscevic, program adviser for the Gallery Lang in the city of Samobor, Croatia will be a jury member at the international competition organized by the International Portfolio Review among forty photography experts from around world. 

Stanko Abadzic exhibits in Ljubljana

Photographer Stanko Abadzic presents his works in Photon Gallery in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 29th of July till 26th of August. This is the first time Abadzic exhibits nudes, titled ‘The scent of women’, outside Croatia.
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Jelena Popic - Artist in residence – Graz

Photographer Jelena Popic partakes at the moment (23 June – 23 July) as an artist-in-residence,  a part of the programme Writers, translators and Artist in residence - Kulturvermittlung Steiermark in Graz (Austria).

Stanko Abadzic presented in Schwarzweiss magazine

Renowned German magazine for black and white photography - Schwarzweiss in its latest edition brings coverage under title Parisian Secret with a portfolio about photographer Stanko Abadzic.

Stanko Abadzic in New York

Stanko Abadzic's photographs will be re-presented by Contemporary Works Gallery, John Cleary Gallery and Verve Gallery at the Photography Fair in New York, which is set to take place from 17th till 20th of March.
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Ana Cop competing for Sony World Photography Award

A Croatian-born, Toronto-based photographer Ana Cop is in the running for the $25,000 (U.S.) Sony World Photography Awards Photographer of the Year prize, to be announced Apr. 27 in London, England. 
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Just released: New Monograph on Contemporary Croatian Photography

Bilingual edition (Croatian / English) of the monograph by art historian, critic and curator Sandra Krizic Roban titled ‘At Second Glance. Positions of Contemporary Croatian Photography’ has been launched by publishers Institute of Art History and UPI-2M plus, both based in Zagreb.

Stanko Abadzic exhibits at Paris Photo

Photographer Stanko Abadzic will partake in the international group exhibition East Side Story within the programme of renowned 13th Paris Photo in France from 18th to 21st November.
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1st Jazz Appreciation Month in Croatia

The first Jazz Appreciation Month is taking place in Croatia, too. Official opening of the Zagreb-JAM will be held on 1st April at 8pm in the Writers 'Club, when there will be held the opening of the exhibition of jazz photography by photo-journalists and photographer Davor Hrvoj. A concert titled "Jazz Croatian Ladies' will host Valery Nikolovska, Franciska Fis, Jelena Balent, Astrid Kuljanic, Martina Brnetic and Maja Savic.

The CHF Photo Album

Croatian Heritage Foundation is collecting material for the future Croatian Emigrants' Museum, and the digitalised photographs will be published in Matica magazine, on CHF's Internet portal, and will be permanently archived at the CHF Photo Archives at the Croatian Heritage Foundation  

Negativeland and Positiveland to be presented in UK

Ana Peraica's photography project Negativeland and Positiveland will be presented at 4th int. Conference on Conservation and Preservation Issues in Digital Photography and Digital Printmaking on 27 - 28 May in London.

Zoran Orlic's work is featured on new Wilco DVD

Zoran Orlic is a Croatian-born fine arts photographer with a flair for revealing the many moods of rock photography. Orlic's passion for the camera and music has led him to capture rock bands on film for the last seventeen years.

Ana Čop awarded in the IPA 2009


Stanko Abadzic exhibits in Germany

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Online Arts Festival – call for entries


China 13th International Photographic Art Exhibition

China International Photographic Art Exhibition held by China Photographers Association is the largest international photographic event with the longest history in China.

Croatian photo exhibition opens in Hamburg

A photo exhibition of members of the Foto Klub Zagreb, one of the oldest photo clubs in Europe, has been opened at the townhall Altona in Hamburg as part of the altonale11 cultural event, the Foto Klub Zagreb said on Tuesday.
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Photographers to discuss over photo censorship

Photographers from former war-torn Balkan states are to meet in Croatia to discuss censorship during the conflicts of the 1990s. The meeting will take place as part of the annual World Press Photo Exhibition to be held at Split’s "Dom mladih" (The House of Youth) starting on Wednesday and running until 19 May.