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Miro Gavran's play to be premiered in Antwerpen

Miro Gavran's play 'Chekhov Says Good-Bye To Tolstoy' will be premiered on 12 April at Teater Aan De Strom at  in Antwerpen. The play was translated by Bob Snijers who also directs the theatre piece. 

Irena Čurik's Replacements for Years of Refusal in Berlin

Irena Čurik's theatre project ‘Replacements for Years of Refusal’ will be presented on March, 28 & 29 at 18:00 in Tanzfabrik Berlin. The project will be premiered on April, 24 & 25 at 20:00 in &TD Theatre, Zagreb.
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Tea Tupajić to hold a lecture in Uppsala

Theatre director Tea Tupajic will hold a lecture entitled "The immunity of art" at the International Performing Arts Festival TUPP in Uppsala, Sweden on 14 March.

'Parachutists' performed in Honk Kong

Performance by Mala scena ‘Parachutists or about the Art of Falling’ was premiered last weekend (17 March) in Honk Kong’s Theatre Ming. This is not their first appearance in Asia, the company already presented the same theatre piece to the audience in Japan and Taiwan in last two years.

Theatre Žar ptica in New York

Theatre Žar ptica will give two performances on 17 March at the Bohemian Nationall Hall in New York City. First the company will perform at 5pm its theatre piece The Wonderful World of Numbers, and in the evening (8pm) the play Diva.

z/k/m to perform in Dortmund

z/k/m – Zagreb Youth Theatre presents their performance  Zagreb Pentagram directed by Paolo Magelli on February 16 in Theater Dortmund, Germany.  The omnibus Zagreb Pentagram, which links five dramatic texts of the noted writers Nina Mitrović, Ivana Vidić, Filip Šovagović, Damir Karakaš and Igor Rajki, describes an authentic, generational view of Zagreb in transition – mostly the exciting years from 1980 until today. 

Theatre Mala scena in Japan

Theatre Mala scena is currently partaking in the project Patchwork Family in Japan, more precisely from 29 January till19 February. The Patchwork Family will be premiered this year on 21 July at the National Theatre in Soul, Korea. 

Perforations Festival to be presented in Brest

In 2012, from February 27 to March 3, Perforations Festival (Perforacije) will be present at the DañsFabrik Festival, in Brest, France, with the Contrefugue program. The festival is produced and presented at Le Quartz, one of France’s most important and relevant theaters having been tasked with the duties of a National Theater, Scène Nationale in French, in 2001. 

Miro Gavran's play to be premiered in New York

Miro Gavran's play 'All About Women' will be premiered in New York on February 17 by Storefront Production at the Gallery MC in the West End.The play 'All About Women' is set in contemporary Zagreb, Croatia and portrays fifteen female characters of all ages in five different stories that are intertwined.

Giuseppe Chico & Barbara Matijevic perform internationally

Giuseppe Chico & Barbara Matijevic will present their performance I AM 1984 on 27th January, 9pm at Teatro Aurora in Marghera and on 28th January, 9pm at Teatro delle Briciole in Parma (Italy). In addition, the whole trilogy I AM 1984, Tracks and Forecast will be performed on 2nd, 3rd, 4th February, 6pm at the National Theatre Le Phénix in Valenciennes (France) within the festival Cabaret de curiosités #7.
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Spaces of Identity in the Performing Sphere – new edition

Spaces of Identity in the Performing Sphere collection of seventeen papers related to the new Theatre Studies, a multidisciplinary approach to the phenomenon of performing arts has been launched in English language and could be ordered by the publisher Fraktura from Zagreb. 

'Speech!' @ PACT Zollverein in Essen

Just after their fresh premiere, Giuseppe Chico & Barbara Matijevic's performance is soon to be presented at PACT Zollverein in Essen within the Powers Of Speech series. Date: 17 December 2011, 19:30h.

Selma Banich and Mislav Cavajda performing in NYC

The performance  'Let us think of these things always. Let us speak of them never.' by Every House Has a Door and the screening of Waking Things directed by Melika Bass at the COIL 2012 Festival in New York, USA.

Days of Kerempuh Satirical Theatre in Novi Sad

Jointly with the exhibition of paintings by Fadil Hadzic and theatre play 'Spektakluk' on Thursday started a four-day visit of Zagreb Satirical Theater "Kerempuh" in Novi Sad’s Serbian National Theatre (SNP). During this event the company will present four shows, a documentary and a feature film.

SPEECH! - Premiere at Spoken World Festival 

Giuseppe Chico & Barbara Matijevic will premier their newest artwork Speech! on 9 and 10 December (9pm)  at Kaaitheater's Spoken World Festival which is located at the Kaaistudio in Brussels, Belgium

Theatre Zar ptica in Macedonia

Theatre Zar Ptica  is currently in Macedonia on mini tour. The company performs 'Diva' on 1st December in Bitola, and ' Pero Kvržica's Gang' on 1st Decmber (4pm), and 2nd December (11am) in Children's Theatre in Skopje.

The Shadow Casters in Subotica

The Shadow Casters presents 'Male show for male audience'  on 1st December, 6pm  and 'Female show for female audience' on 2nd December, 9pm at the International Festival of Performing Arts Desiré on 1st December in Subotica, Serbia.

Zagreb Puppet Theatre in Warsaw

Zagreb Puppet Theatre - ZKL will partake at the International Puppet Theater Festival for Adults "Puppet is also a Person" in Warsaw from 11th to 20th November. The ensemble will perform My Dear Tilla, directed by Kruna Snajder.

Theatre Night Project in Croatia and six other countries on 19 November

Theatre Night Project is back this year on 19 November. The Theatre Night Project (expanded title: Multicultural European Theatre Night) began as a pilot programme in 2008 and grew into a national event under the sponsorship of the Minsitry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia the following year.

Senka Bulic directs Jean Genet in Ljubljana

'Splendid’s' by Jean Genet, directed by Senka Bulic, will be premiered on 12th November in Ljubljana Castle, where the Mini Theater is located in Lubljana. 

Miro Gavran's plays premiered in Russia and Italy

A new play ‘Drivers Of All Time’ by Miro Gavran will be premiered on 4th November in Slovensko stalno gledalisce in Trieste. His play My wife's husband was recently premiered to the Russian audience in Njiznji Novgorod. 

Planet Art Theatre to perform in Belgrade

Planet Art Theatre, based in Zagreb and founded by Marko Torjanac will have guest appearance with the play 'Rabbit Hole' by David Lindsay Abaire on 29th October at the Theatre Bosko Buha in Belgrade, within the programme of Days of Croatian Culture in Belgrade. 

Croatian National Theatre visits Vienna with Encyclopedia of Lost Time

The ensemble cast of the Croatian National Theatre (HNK) from Varaždin will perform the latest Slobodan Snajder play "Enciklopedija izgubljenog vremena" (Encyclopedia of Lost Time) at Vienna’s Akzent theater on 23 October. 

Parachutists on five festivals

Performance by  Mala scena ‘Parachutists or about the Art of Falling’ will be presented during October on five theatre festivals in 3 states. Parachutists will be performed at the festival Zlatna palcica in Ljubljana on 7th October, in the programme of MESS festival in Sarajevo on 9th October and in the programs of three festivals in Denmark (Kopenhagen, Aarhuis and Viborg) from 16th to 23rd October.

Tea Tupajic at the Festival Steirischer Herbst

Tea Tupajic partakes in the performance by Jan Ritsema ‘Shakespeares As you like it, a body part‘ within the international project Agora which was developed during 2011 in a series symposiums, workshops and publications. The premiere will happen on 13th October at the Festival Steirischer Herbst in Graz. 

Bitef 2011 presents Croatian productions

 This 45 Bitef 2011 opened with the performance 'Prometheus Landscape II', directed by Ian Fabre, the famous director from Belgium, who won Bitef Grand Prix in 1984 for his performance 'The Power of Theatrical Madness'. The programme will also present two performances with Croatian artists.

2nd Art Days in Labin

The second edition of Art Days in Labin will be organized by the Youth Association of Labin. From August 26 to August 28 the picturesque historical centre of Labin will host young artists.

Frljic, Separovic and Brezovec at Ex Ponto Festival

The Festival Ex Ponto will be opened on 16th September in Ljubljana with the premiere of The Lexicon of the Mythology of Former Yugoslavia directed by Oliver Frljic and continue until 25th September with brilliant foreign productions.

Theatre Mala scena in Macedonia

Theatre Mala scena presents the latest performance Stones at the International Children Festival Bitolina in Bitola, Macedonia. The festival presents international productions from Bulgaria, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia and Croatia.

Agora Seminars featuring Tea Tupajic

A new set of Agora Seminars will take place in connection to PAF Summer University. After a successful spring session it is time to take on new challenges with three fresh seminar hosts venturing into notions of political activism, upgraded Marxist thinking, biopolitics of war and finally to the cross-roads between the public and institutional. 

Lili Handel by Ivo Dimchev nominated for a Bessie

Lili Handel by performance artist Ivo Dimchev which was prented within the Perforations Festival in La Mama; New York during March is nominated for a Bessie Award.

Electra touring Macedonia

INK – City Theatre Pula is touring at the moment through Macedonia with the performance Electra, directed by Damir Zlatar Frey.

Lana Kos in Arena Verona

Young soprano singer Lana Kos will have a debut on 12th July in the opera La Traviata which is a part of the programme of the Arena Verona. 

The INAT-theatre to perform in Cracow

The INAT-theatre from Pula will have guest appearance with performance ‘Shall be called Woman’at The International Festival of Street Theatre in Cracow from 6th to 11th of July.  It’s one of the oldest street festivals in Central Europe. 

The Puppet Factory in Siberia

Zagreb based theatre company - The Puppet Factory, is currently on tour in Siberia, more precisely in the Buryat Republic, with their performance 'Treasure'. 
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Miro Gavran's play "All About Women" staged in India - Review

‘All About Women' was a wonderful journey in to the lives of women. The play has been written by Croatian author and playwright Miro Gavran. It starred Mumbai-based theatre artists Ratnabali Bhattacharjee, Prerna Chawla, Nimrat Kaur, Tahira Nath, Malaika Shenoy and Shivani Tanksale.

Osijek theatre performed on TIBA

Children's theatre Branko Mihaljevic performed on 6th June the Hedgehog's House in the programme of 9th TIBA Festival in Belgrade. 

Theater Mala scena in Cairo

Theatre Mala scena from Zagreb will have guest appearance with their performance 'Story About The Cloud' at the upcoming International Children's Festival Hakawy in Cairo, Egypt from 7th to 12th of June. The performance will be presented in English version. Ivica Simic will also give several workshops and lectures for actors and theatre directors.

Ivana Sajko's performance in Ljubljana

Zagreb Youth Theatre – ZeKaeM will have guest appearance with Ivana Sajko's performance 'Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose' on 28th May in Slovensko mladinsko gledališče in Ljubljana as a part of the International Theatre Festival Prelet 2011, taking place from 25th May to 3rd June.

Barbara Matijevic and Giuseppe Chico to perform in Germany

Barbara Matijevic and Giuseppe Chico continue their performing activities during spring. This time they will perform I AM 1984 at the Festival ad Werf in Utrecht, on 27th and 28th of May. 

Tupajic & Zanki in Brussels

The curators piece by Tea Tupajic and Petra Zanki will be presented between 14th and 19th of May in Theatre KAAI in Brussels. 

Tena Stivicic's play premiered in Stuttgart

The play 'Fragile' by Tena Stivicic has been premiered by Kammertheater in Stuttgart. In Fragile Stivicic describes the world of immigrants during her staying in London few years ago.  

TIH launches project to fight corruption with theatre

´The Auditor´ by Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol, a comedy about corruption, greed and arrogance, will be staged in Zagreb´s ZKM theatre on May 7 marking the start of a project using theatre to fight corruption, to be carried out by Transparency International Croatia (TIH) in cooperation with the ZKM and the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

Selma Banich and Mislav Cavajda perform in Austin

Selma Banich and Mislav Cavajda partake in the performance ´Let us think of these things always. Let us speak of them never.´ by Every House Has a Door and in the  film ´Waking Things´ directed by Melika Bass, both to be presented at the Fusebox Festival between 21st and 23rd of April in Austin (USA).

Shadow Casters in Pristina and Sarajevo

Shadow Casters will partake in the programme of the international platform ‘Containers of Freedom’ which is set to take place between 15th and 17th of April. Shadow Casters will produce, as a result of their research, a performance art ´Kosovo is talented – It is not a joke´.

Miro Gavran to be premiered in Prague and Moscow

Miro Gavran´s play Night of the Gods will be premiered on 10th of April in Prague, whilst his work All About Men will be premiered on 11th of April in Moscow.
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Public Talk and Presentation - Curators Piece & Frakcija -PS122 – NYC

Free public talk and presentation on curating the performing arts, the Curators’ Piece, and the magazine Frakcija #55 with Vallejo Gantner, RoseLee Goldberg, Tea Tupajic and Petra Zanki is set to take place on Monday, March 21 at 6:30PM at Performance Space 122 in New York (USA).

Oliver Frljic to direct in Atelje 212

Propulsive theatre director Oliver Frljic will direct ´When Father Was Away on Business´ based on the synonymous film screenplay by Abdulah Sidran in Belgrade's Theatre Atelje 212. The play will be premiered on 27th of March.

Frakcija 55: ´Curating performing arts´

The first edition of Frakcija Magazine 55 thematizing ´Curating performing arts´ was sold within three months. Now the second edition is out. This edition of the magazine is in English language.

The UK presentation of Woman Bomb by Ivana Sajko

Tristan Bates Theatre hosts the UK premiere of Woman Bomb by a multi-award winning Croatian playwright Ivana Sajko, known for her provocative and radical plays that test the boundaries of contemporary theatre. The performance will be on view between 8th and 12th of March; 2nd - 14th of May.
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