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Teodor Celakoski receives ECF Princess Margriet Award

The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) announced the Sixth ECF Princess Margriet Award laureates and among them is cultural activist Teodor Celakoski (Croatia). The second winner is Teatro Valle Occupato from Italy. In awarding these laureates, ECF signals two precedent-setting examples of collaboration between culture and society and the struggle for the ‘commons’.

Tesla & Friends event opens with international conference

An international conference "Tesla in Zagreb 2013" began on Tuesday with the traditional "Tesla&Friends" event which will continue with various activities until July 11 to mark the 157th anniversary of the birth of this world renown scientist and inventor.
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NUL’s participation in The European Library exhibition Science and Machines

Handwritten correspondence of Albert Einstein, videos of 1930s operating theatres and many other significant scientific and technological achievements from the 19th and 20th centuries are now available as part of the virtual exhibition Science and Machines. The exhibition presents a new collection of The European Library, in the assembling of which the National and University Library in Zagreb also took part.
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11th Lošinj Days of Bioethics

11th Lošinj Days of Bioethics takes place from 13–16 May in Mali Lošinj, Croatia offering within its programme a symposium, workshop and round table.
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Dr Karmen Medica's book on migration published in Koper

A new monograph by Dr Karmen Medica (Croatia, Pula) and Goran Lukič (Slovenia, Ljubljana) titled ‘Migration Circulus Vitiosus – working and living conditions of migrants in Slovenia’ has been published in Slovene. It was published by the Kopar based Annales University Press.
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William Feller distinguished Croatian-American mathematician - first monograph

By the end 2011 the monograph about William Feller, a founder of Probability Theory as a scientific discipline, has been published as a bilingual, Croatian-English edition written by Darko Zubrinic, published by Graphis from Zagreb. 

HAZU Open Days to be held on Nov 29-30

On November 29 and 30, the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (HAZU) will present its work in some 30 research institutions, museums and galleries, marking the 150th anniversary of its establishment.

Scholarships fair to be held in Zagreb on Wednesday

The seventh Scholarships and Educational Programmes Fair, which will take place at the National and University Library in Zagreb on Wednesday, will bring together 44 exhibitors from nine countries, who will promote scholarships and other forms of financial aid for university education in Croatia and abroad, study programmes and other educational services.
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Int'l conference on Sanskrit epics taking place in Dubrovnik

The sixth international conference on Sanskrit epics and Puranas is being held at the Inter-University Centre in the southernmost Croatian city of Dubrovnik from 15 to 20 August.
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To Have Done With Life: vitalism and antivitalism in contemporary philosophy

The International Symposium on 'To Have Done With Life: vitalism and antivitalism in contemporary philosophy' will take place from 17th to 19th June in Zagreb, Croatia. Beside many young intelectuals who will take part at the conference, four outstanding philosophers of middle generation will serve as keynote speakers: Catherine Malabou, Adrian Johnston, Ray Brassier i Martin Hägglund. 
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Matvejevic and Horvat partake at Philosophers forum in Italy

Writer Predrag Matvejevic and young philosopher Srecko Horvat will partake in the programme of the Philosophers forum under title ‘Is the European Union dead?’ which will take place on 5th of February in Teatro Metastasio in Prato, Italy.
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International Conference: Iconography of Death

Department of Art history and Center for Iconographic Studies of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Rijeka, organize the Fourth International Conference of Iconographic Studies in Croatia devoted to ‘Iconography of Death’.
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Symposium on 400 years of Croats in Vienna held

A two-day symposium, "400 years of Croats in Vienna", conceived by scholar Josip Sersic and journalist Peter Tyran and organised by the Burgenland Croat Centre, ended in Vienna on Sunday.
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French anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss dies

Claude Levi-Strauss, widely considered the father of modern anthropology for work that included theories about commonalities between tribal and industrial societies, has died. He was 100.
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Three books on endangered species in Croatia presented

The State Institute for the Protection of Nature and the Ministry of Culture on Thursday presented three new editions on endangered species in Croatia, so-called red books on sea fish, mushrooms and damselflies.
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M. Franulovic & D. Berkovic's anti-trafficking book published in Kyrgyzstan

A year after the first anti-trafficking book "Two Kyrgyz Women", Marinka Franulovic, a writer focused on human rights, published "Ainura's Dream", illustrated & designed by Doriana Berkovic. 
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New book: Connecting Croatia

The research project Connecting Croatia - The Public, Private and Civil Sector of Culture in the Virtual Space was conducted during 2007 by the Culturelink Network/IMO with the aim of answering the question whether digital culture is opening up new prospects of cultural diversity and international cultural communication and cooperation in Croatia.